Workforce Accommodations

We build camp solutions of all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s a 10-person or a 2,500-person complex, our workforce accommodations can be tailored for any industrial solution. Our team of creative problem-solvers work with clients to understand challenges and find the right solution to address them.

We also provide installation information, mobile services, and support for all of our workforce accommodation solutions, and can move camps of any size through our relocation services.

At Alta-Fab, quality comes first.

Our workforce accommodation solutions include:

  • Dorms (30-bed, 38-bed, 22-bed, 44-bed)
  • Lodging
  • Sleepers
    • VIP Sleeper Units
    • Executive Sleeper Units
    • Jr. Executive Sleeper Units
    • Jack ’n’ Jill Sleeper Units
    • Multi-Level Dorms
  • Corridors
  • Recreation and Fitness Complexes
  • Golf Simulator Units
  • Kitchen/Dining Cores

Whether it’s one unit or one thousand, all of our products are crafted with the quality and attention that we’ve built our company on.

See some of our larger remote workforce housing solutions in action:

Contact us if you’ve got camp questions you’d like answered.