Wellsites & Drilling

Alta-Fab has a history of producing high-quality custom trailers for both wellsite environments and areas of oil and gas exploration.

As a client, you don’t have to know the exact type of unit you need or pick a pre-built unit off the shelf. We have the expertise to listen to your needs, customize a solution that works for you, and build it perfectly to your specifications.

Some of the standard solutions we provide for drilling site needs include:

  • Drilling Control Centres and Mechanical Control Centres (DCCs)
  • Executive Sleeper Units (4-bed)
  • Staff Quarters
  • Rig Manager Units
  • Integrated Wellsite Systems (IWS) (9- or 10-bed)
  • Drill Camps
    • Standard 6-unit side-by-side (26-bed)
    • Single-occupancy 6-unit side-by-side (26-bed)
    • 8-unit single-occupancy side-by-side (38-bed)
  • Super Single Units
  • Exploration Quarters
  • Directional Wellsite Units
  • Change Room Wellsite Units
  • Suite Wellsite Units
  • Engineer/Geologist/Laboratory Wellsite Units