Wellsites & Drilling

Our reputation in wellsite environments and oil and gas exploration is one of high quality.

We’ve spent decades creating custom trailers for these industries without ever expecting our clients to come to us knowing the specs of the exact unit they needed. Nor did we want to build them a cookie-cutter structure. We have the expertise to customize a solution that works for you after listening to your needs and then build it perfectly to your specifications.

Some examples of the structures we’ve provided for drilling sites in the past include:

  • Drilling Control Centres and Mechanical Control Centres (DCCs)
  • Executive Sleeper Units (4-bed)
  • Staff Quarters
  • Rig Manager Units
  • Integrated Wellsite Systems (IWS) (9- or 10-bed)
  • Drill Camps
    • Standard 6-unit side-by-side (26-bed)
    • Single-occupancy 6-unit side-by-side (26-bed)
    • 8-unit single-occupancy side-by-side (38-bed)
  • Super Single Units
  • Exploration Quarters
  • Directional Wellsite Units
  • Change Room Wellsite Units
  • Suite Wellsite Units
  • Engineer/Geologist/Laboratory Wellsite Units