Alta-Fab offers a number of exciting career opportunities. And we’re always looking for great people to fill positions within our company.

Staff positions at our head office in Nisku include:

  • A full suite of trades staff—electrical, plumbing, gas, exterior (skinning), carpentry, welding
  • In-house designers
  • Technical CAD support
  • Product R&D

Employment at Alta-Fab comes with some worthwhile benefits:

  • Year-round indoor work in a climate controlled shop
  • An in-house benefit program
  • A family-oriented community
  • Day shifts only
  • Company-sponsored benefit plans
  • Company-paid apprentice training
  • A culturally diverse workplace

At Alta-Fab, we value our people as much as our products. There are perks to working at Alta-Fab that go above and beyond your compensation package:

  • Long-weekend kickoff BBQs
  • Staff team competitions and events like Christmas office Olympics
  • Staff milestone celebrations

We’re proud of the culture we’ve built, and our employees are a testament to that. Sixty per cent of our staff have worked at Alta-Fab for over 5 years, and the average term of service among all our staff is 12 years.

Take a look at our current opportunities to see whether Alta-Fab has the opening you’ve been looking for.