Safety & Quality Assurance


At Alta-Fab, we follow rigorous and continuous safety protocols to ensure that we’re providing the safest possible environments for everyone we work with. More than just protocols, safety is a culture, a mindset, and a priority for the Alta-Fab leadership team.

Our construction safety officer (CSO) is sanctioned through the Alberta Construction Safety Association. In addition, our CSO and our health and safety coordinators are full-time, advanced first-aid experts.

Alta-Fab is proud to belong to the following safety organizations:

We hold ourselves to the highest possible safety standards at Alta-Fab and are continually ensuring that all of our processes exceed industry safety regulations. We’ve received a Certificate of Recognition (COR) from Jobs, Skills, Training and Labour for the safety programs we’ve established.

Through our partnership with HSE Integrated, our on-site health and safety services are second to none. For us, safety has always been a top priority, and it always will be.

Quality Assurance

While striving for innovation in all of our projects, Alta-Fab also focuses on ensuring high quality. Our quality objectives are to:

  • Design, manufacture, and market all Alta-Fab products with a view to quality and value for our customers, satisfying the requirements of all applicable standards and codes
  • Build public confidence in Alta-Fab’s products through reliability, proven field and site performance, and consistent success in meeting client quality expectations

Alta-Fab’s quality policy is implemented through our quality assurance program, directed by our quality program manager, who is responsible for its effectiveness and efficiency.