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Alta-Fab wins two awards at the 2011 MBI Awards of Distinction

Posted: Mar 15 2011

Alta-Fab, in affiliation with Black Diamond Group, wins first place in the category of Temporary: Institutional or Assembly, over 5000 sq ft for Sunday Creek Lodge.

Alta-Fab's Drilling Control Centre Office Space receives honorable mention in the category of Temporary: Single-Wide, any square footage.

The MBI Awards of Distinction contest is the commercial modular industry's premier awards program, offering competition in over 30 categories for MBI members: building manufacturers, dealers, and product and service providers.

Alta-Fab is honoured to have received these awards from the commercial modular industry's international trade association.

Sunday Creek Lodge

Architectural Excellence

Located in Alberta’s oilsands, Sunday Creek is a beacon of comfort in the wilderness. This facility typifies modular versatility with seamless customization, premium features & amenities in the harshest environment. Opened December 2009, the facility is more hotel than camp with a luxurious central core designed to detract from the isolation workers in the north face daily. A 16’ rock wall greets guests while elevated arctic corridors provide year-round comfort. A premium games room features lounge seating, fireplace & games tables and the professional-quality gym boasts commercial grade fitness equipment, sports flooring & individual entertainment systems tied into each cardio station. The food service amenities compete with bustling New York bistros. The menu is dynamic and varied. The dining facilities are thoughtfully designed to meet high-volume demand. The market bistro-style décor is casual & inviting with seamless flooring, ambient lighting & spacious seating.

Technical Innovation & Sustainability

Creative custom hardwood millwork is peppered throughout the lodge complex – accent walls and picture ledges camouflage wiring boxes, power panels and other unsightly elements. The dining facilities have been twinned to double the efficiency of the food service capabilities during peak times – two dining rooms, two service lines and two 4-sided, custom-built refrigerated salad station islands make busy mealtimes a snap. During slow shifts one side can be completely closed off, increasing the efficiency of the area. High-end kitchen equipment, top grade stainless steel and no-slip kitchen flooring create a safe and efficient working environment for staff. The dining facility also features a rig box area to house large volumes of pre-packaged hot and cold lunches for offsite workers, engineered HVAC systems for quality air flow and high efficiency furnaces for year-round comfort.

Cost Effectiveness

There is a self-contained water treatment plant constructed on site, to feed fresh, potable water to Sunday Creek Lodge. This feature alone results in an annual cost savings of over half a million dollars. Future development will include the construction of a self-contained sewage treatment plant, making the lodge completely self-sufficient, increasing the cost-effectiveness even further. In addition, the design and layout of the central core allows certain areas to be closed off during slower times, consolidating guests and resulting in increased time-efficiencies for staff.

Drilling Control Centre Office

Architectural Excellence

The Drilling Control Centre serves as an on-site work space that must withstand rigorous operational use by groups in extreme field conditions over a long time period. Warm colours and a functional layout create a comfortable and inviting environment with high-end finishing. Two separate entrances each serve a unique group with large mud trays, “bomb proof” boot racks, and hooks for coveralls. State-of-the-art stainless steel geology sample sinks and custom ventilation hoods capture harmful fumes. Finished round-edge hard wood-finished nosings are on all desks and countertops, and custom-designed European-style millwork, completed in-house, add a touch of comfort and professionalism. The door, flooring, wall, and cabinet colour options show quality is customizable. For enhanced durability, a recessed mat with a top rubber layer and aluminum moulding was installed in the entry mud room. Electrical panels are finished with matching cabinet boxes that offer easy access to unit systems.

Technical Innovation & Sustainability

The centre’s technical functionality was not compromised for comfort, high-end quality, or user-friendliness. This building is equipped with geology sample sinks, custom ventilation hoods to capture and evacuate harmful fumes, and all the technical apparatuses required by workers on-site. With durability a priority, the centre includes a 100% copper-fitted mechanical room and plumbing that features shut-off valves and hidden water lines. A sturdy, three-strand skid, featuring a wide flange, was installed, keeping the centre dry and safe from harsh weather and rugged elements. The layout was designed to create a sense of spaciousness within tight quarters. Specifications for sufficient storage facilities, desk space, and electrical capacity were factored into the design so that every inch of space was maximized for practical and operational use.

Cost Effectiveness

The energy cost of operating this centre is reduced through high-efficiency triple glazed windows, 2x6 walls that prevent unnecessary heat loss, and the a high-efficiency output furnaces. All of these features keep heating bills low. A white rubber roof on the exterior of the building improves overall heat retention and increases light reflection experienced during the warmer seasons. As a result, expenses related to air conditioning usage are significantly reduced. Isolation water valves ensure only one fixture is inoperable at a time. Expensive shutdowns will not be an issue as operational activity will remain unaffected. 2x12 flooring sandwiched by 3/5 plywood on one side and 5/8 plus 3/4 T&G plywood on the other ensure that this unit will survive over 10 years active service in the field, even with biweekly location changes. This “structural services” makes it a very cost effective unit over 10 years. It also closely managed material waste to ensure cost-effective manufacturing.