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Alta-Fab receives two honourable mentions at 2015 MBI Awards

Posted: May 14 2015

Alta-Fab received honourable mentions for its bus shelter and the Moose Haven Lodge Kitchen at the 2015 Modular Building Institute (MBI) Awards of Distinction.

The MBI Awards of Distinction is the commercial modular industry's premier awards program, with 30 categories of awards for MBI members.

Honourable Mention for Alta-Fab’s bus shelter in the special application category

The relocatable bus shelter is an attractive, functional modular structure that accommodates multiple uses in order to create cost-efficiency. The purposes it can fulfill include commissary, small storefront, lounge, boardroom, executive office, security station, and bus shelter.

The module incorporates a rounded structural skeleton that works with exposed, curved wooden beams to create a unique aesthetic both inside and out. An inviting and energy-efficient fireplace, attractive benches, tables, and soft seating are available. Large, panoramic windows offer excellent views of the surrounding environment and provide natural lighting in the open-concept interior. The awnings on each end of the building also provide those outside with shelter from the elements.

The structure incorporates a number of technical innovations. It is designed as a hub, to accommodate high levels of foot traffic. In order to combat wear on the structure, it is built from the highest-quality materials. The roof and wall feature an insulated panel and a curbed wall solution, Dec Tek flooring ensures ease of maintenance and cleaning, and triple-glazed tinted windows improve energy conservation. The module incorporates wood beams and solid stone, which are attractive yet extremely durable. Convenient charging stations for mobile devices are included throughout the building.

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Honourable Mention for Alta-Fab’s Moose Haven Lodge Kitchen in the retail or hospitality category

The Moose Haven Lodge Kitchen project is a functional space that incorporates modern aesthetics. It offers a welcoming array of restaurant-style seating, complete with booths, bistro-style stools, countertop seating, and large dining room tables.

The module includes specialized lighting designed specifically for different areas, and natural light flows into the space through large windows. Attractive and durable wood-grain flooring and warm colour tones add to the ambience.

A number of design solutions address common kitchen challenges, including three separate service lines to customize meals, designated kitchen stations for specialized cooking staff, a lunch pickup area near the front of the complex for convenient grab-and-go meals, and separate salad and drink stations to eliminate congestion.

The bathrooms are conveniently located between the diner and the walkway to increase the structure’s versatility. The dining room, mud room, and kitchen are all designed to eliminate unwanted odors and allow the continuous circulation of fresh air.

The Moose Haven Lodge Kitchen was designed and manufactured with sustainability in mind. Operational costs are reduced through triple-glazed windows, high-efficiency water heaters, and the provision for additional dining capacity. Construction costs were reduced through the use of Alta-Fab’s in-house manufactured line of doors—produced at a lower cost and boasting a longer service life than commercially available doors—and its in-house welding shop, which produced the necessary metal skids and accessories at a lower price.

Alta-Fab is honoured to have received recognition for these projects at the 2015 MBI Awards, in addition to being awarded first place for its new website design.