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Alta-Fab wins 2014 MBI Award of Distinction for 40th anniversary edition wellsite

Posted: Jun 05 2014

Alta-Fab's 40th anniversary edition wellsite wins first place in the category of Relocatable: Single-Wide.

The MBI Awards of Distinction contest is the commercial modular industry's premier awards program, offering competition in over 30 categories for MBI members: building manufacturers, dealers, and product and service providers.

Alta-Fab is honoured to have received this award from the commercial modular industry's international trade association.

40th Anniversary Edition Wellsite

Architectural Excellence

The 40th Anniversary Edition Wellsite was built to exceed expectations for specialized remote site accommodations in the oil and gas industry and the resource sector. The unique architecture incorporates modern design and equipment, while the materials used in its construction demonstrate the manufacturer’s ability to remain connected to the needs of remote workers. The exterior colours and lines have resulted in a stunning structure that stands out next to any wellsite in the industry. Furthermore, the interior design is a new concept that provides a home-away-from-home experience as soon as you walk in the door. The manufacturer’s in-house cabinet shop allows each cabinet to be custom fit to the wellsite. Pillowtop mattresses and leather furniture allows consultants to enjoy the real comforts of home, while Corian countertops with glass tile and modern appliances allows the consultant to cook "at home."

Technical Innovation & Sustainability

The 40th Anniversary Edition Wellsite was designed from the ground up to utilize every square foot of the structure's footprint. From the building process to the materials used, the structure was designed with innovation in mind. To start, the mechanical room was fitted with copper for maximum efficiency. High-efficiency appliances were used alongside materials such as Corian and glass tiling, which are durable and promote longevity in the entire unit. Roll shutters were also installed in the unit to provide privacy and security. For the exterior, the use of Ecowhite EPDM roofing membrane, approved through the Coolroof Rating Council program, was applied to the entire structure. Furthermore, the exterior doors that were produced from our in-house door line provide the highest performance thermal insulation.

Cost Effectiveness

The 40th Anniversary Edition Wellsite was created to be a modern space with a relaxing atmosphere. But, designers were focused on making the structure as cost effective as possible. High efficiency triple-glazed windows were installed to reduce the energy required for heating the unit. An Ecowhite roofing membrane was used to reduce air conditioning requirements through its heat reflective properties. A large cost savings was realized through the in-house manufacturing of cabinets and doors and our in-house welding team. The use of high-efficiency appliances will also result in a reduction of operation expense.