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Alta-Fab wins 2013 MBI Award of Distinction for Meeting/Lounge Unit

Posted: Mar 31 2013

Alta-Fab’s Meeting/Lounge Unit wins first place in the category of Relocatable Office: under 5,000 sq. ft.

The MBI Awards of Distinction contest is the commercial modular industry's premier awards program, offering competition in over 30 categories for MBI members: building manufacturers, dealers, and product and service providers.

Alta-Fab is honoured to have received this award from the commercial modular industry's international trade association.

Meeting/Lounge Unit

Architectural Excellence

The Lounge Unit was designed to wow customers and challenge their perceptions of what oil patch specifications can look like for remote areas. The open layout allows for versatility within the structure. The module can be used as a relaxing environment for recreation activities, meetings, or gym use. The private meeting area is outfitted with a tranquil waterfall that provides visual and auditory stimulation. The interior colours are bold, giving the space a modern feel, and the wall art accentuates the spacious layouts. Corian countertops with under-counter LED lighting, an in-house cabinet design for the curved bar, and state-of-the-art appliances complete the interior design. The module’s exterior is equally impressive. With the use of several different exterior metal sizes, designs, and colours, it creates an eye-catching structure. The roofline architecture is unique, setting it apart from its surroundings.

Technical Innovation & Sustainability

Alta-Fab’s Lounge Unit was designed from the ground up to include efficiencies at every stage. From the building process to the materials used, the structure was designed with innovation in mind. The roofline was built using Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) beams. These beams are an engineered wood product that provides a stronger, straighter, more uniform beam than conventional lumber. Inside the structure, a modern, indirect lighting solution was explored to give the interior spaces the desired atmosphere. The most impressive addition to the module, however, was the versatility included to allow for future expansions. Provisions were installed in key areas of the module to allow ease of expansion into additional buildings. In this respect, all of the impressive efficiencies and architecture can easily be incorporated into other structures.

Cost Effectiveness

The Lounge Unit was created to be an impressive space that offers a relaxing, modern atmosphere. However, designers were aware that the unit needed to be remarkable in both style and in cost savings. To remove the need for additional lighting installation, triple glaze glass patio doors (which offer the lowest energy transfer and the highest environmental standard) were included. Where lighting was required, LED options were chosen over other, more conventional methods. Opportunities for cost effective alternatives were also explored and implemented for the heating of the structure. A high efficiency furnace was selected and installed as a method of maintaining low costs over time. The flooring was another area where cost-over-time was considered. Durable carpet tiles and linoleums were used to allow for easy replacement of individual tiles without having to replace whole areas.