At Alta-Fab, we think of our business as a vehicle for generating opportunities for the people and communities that need them most. That’s why we consider our community partners an integral part of what we do.

Along with financial contributions, we offer design and construction capacity to help build, repair, and renovate facilities for many non-profit groups. We’re happy to provide the necessary materials to make their projects become a reality.

We also keep our eyes open for opportunities to pair our clients up with non-profit groups. For example, we once coordinated an arrangement between a client with a surplus of lightly used housing supplies and a women’s shelter looking for items to help single mothers move out on their own.

Alta-Fab’s giving back total in the last 6 years is $3,640,000

Who do we support? We believe in helping the organizations that often get missed by big corporations—the organizations that provide direct support to those who need it.

Take a look at some of the great community partners we support: 

Alta-Fab has had a longstanding relationship with Habitat for Humanity, and we love the work that they do.

All of the administration costs that Habitat for Humanity accrues are made up for on the profits of the organization’s ReStore retail outlet. ReStore sells new and used building supplies to customers renovating or modernizing their home.

Alta-Fab helps out by donating both new and used construction materials to the ReStore, which are turned directly into profits that support the organization’s administration process.

We’re happy to donate to a cause that offers more than a handout. Every family that commits to home-ownership through Habitat has to provide “sweat equity” by helping to build additional homes with the organization. The hard work of everyone involved ensures the cycle of giving is sustained.

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iHuman Youth Society helps at risk Edmonton youth through the arts, including fashion, visual, and music.

When everyone else says no, iHuman will still say yes, and that’s why we really love working with them. No matter what’s happened to the kids, no matter where they are in their lives, or what issues they may currently be experiencing, iHuman will always do everything they can to help.

The fact that they use art to do it really interests us as well. iHuman believes in the innate goodness of everyone, and we’re very happy to be a part of that.

Alta-Fab has been involved with iHuman for over 5 years now, and have been able to help in a few different ways. We held a gala that we were able to use to show off some of the kids’ art. When they got a new facility we were able to donate materials to help them turn it into the space they needed. We’ve commissioned art directly and donated it to different events like golf tournaments or charity auctions. And finally, we’ve been able to donate direct financial support.

iHuman is a cause we’re all proud to be a part of.

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Services Edmonton’s inner city people through varied and flexible primary health care.

An amazing organization that Edmonton should be proud to have. The Boyle McCauley Health Centre recognized that one of the biggest issues for health care for people living on the street was the timelines and follow up required.

Health services often require follow up tests, x-rays, or other services. For a street person at risk, these follow ups rarely happen. At the Boyle McCauley Health Centre, everything happens on site, and everything happens now.

It’s the perfect solution, and it often flies under the radar. The provincial government does a great job of supporting the program is well, but Alta-Fab is incredibly proud to be a part of it.

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Provides programs and shelter for women and children who have experienced family violence.

Within the Alta-Fab family, we’ve had employees that have personally experienced family violence. Because it’s an issue that hits close to home for us, our relationship with W.I.N.G.S., and other women’s shelters, has always felt very worthy of our support. We have a long history with W.I.N.G.S., and have been working with them for the past three decades.

Most of our support has been financial, but we do get the chance to donate office trailers from time to time. In the early 2000s we were able to offer a significant portion of the construction materials needed to renovate a new apartment style shelter that they had acquired.

The second stage housing services that W.I.N.G.S offers, and the effort they put into getting out into the community are something we support. We’re happy to be able to help wherever we can.

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A year round camp that offers outdoor experiences for children, youth, and adults.

This is a great camp that offers a really valuable outdoor experience for campers of all ages. They do a great job of remaining self-sufficient, but they need the support of organizations like ours to continue offering the kids these great year-round experiences.

We’ve had the opportunity to donate some of pre-used building for sleeping areas, and we’ve also donated a kitchen and dining facility.

It’s not the high-risk population that we tend to work with, but it’s working with kids, and they’re a group that we’re always happy to support.

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Charitable human services organization providing a diverse range of services.

We were all really impressed with the work being done by Crossroads, and were very happy to be able to help them.

Crossroads works with street prostitutes that won’t often go into the centre. To fix this, Crossroads takes the centre to them. We donated a Sprinter Van that acts as a mobile center that the Crossroads volunteers can use to take their services out into the community.

We love Crossroads because it’s a true underdog charity. It doesn’t get the attention deserves because it’s dealing with an issue that isn’t considered as heartwarming as many others. But the people working at Crossroads are some of the most impressive individuals out there.

The tenacity of the organization is impressive, and Alta-Fab is overjoyed to be of service to them.

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Organizes mentor services for children and focuses on the needs of single parent families.

Mark Taillefer, Alta-Fab’s president, has been involved with Uncles and Aunts at Large since his early 20s, even before his time with Alta-Fab. It was an organization that was close to his heart, and he was happy to discover that it fit closely with Alta-Fabs community direction.

The organization helps provide mentorships for children of single parent families by pairing them up with a “aunt” or “uncle” that can help provide some balance and added guidance in their life.

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Helps those living on low incomes in Edmonton. Promotes a vision of neighbour helping neighbour.

The Bissell Centre offers services to the people in our communities who are very marginalized. They focus on family services and do whatever is necessary to make sure the people they’re serving are getting the help that they need and deserve.

What we love is that whenever we give them financial support, we know it goes directly towards helping the people who need it most.

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Cares for impoverished and homeless people in Edmonton.

The Hope Mission is a not-for-profit Christian social care agency that does a lot of great work for the people of Edmonton.

They a lot of services directed at helping street males, but what we really like is that we know that whenever we donate money we know it’s going to be used to help people, and not for administration or secondary services.

The mission does a lot of work for people in Edmonton who have been very marginalized, and we’re happy to help whenever we can.

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A Christian not-for-profit organization that builds community and supports change.

Alta-Fab’s whole team has a lot of connections with the Mustard Seed. We like the immediacy of the help we can offer by volunteering directly at the center, and we’re always looking for new ways we can get directly involved where no one else is.

Their services are just a great fit for what Alta-Fab is trying to do and trying to support. We’re thrilled to have them on our radar when it comes to offering support to our community.

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Edmonton’s first and only crisis nursery, works to prevent child abuse and neglect.

Kids Kottage Foundation is Edmonton’s first and only crisis nursery. The organization opened its doors in 1995 with a mandate to prevent child abuse and neglect before it became a way of life. They had found, through evidence ffrom the Child Abuse Team at the Alberta Children’s Hospital, that child abuse and neglect could often be attributed to parents undergoing extreme stress.

By offering 24 hour service to parents in need of immediate support, Kids Kottage keeps children safe and works to mitigate crises.

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Delivering progress in cancer research, prevention, and treatment by generating community investment.

Cancer is a disease that doesn’t discriminate, and its effects have been felt at Alta-Fab a number of times over the years.

Most of the people within our company who have been touched by cancer have received treatment at the Cross Cancer Institute, and one of the main funders of that instituted is the Alberta Cancer Foundation. That’s where we decided our support could best fight the disease.

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Works with a variety of issues, including senior abuse, street youth, and families in crisis.

Sign of Hope Society is a specific program under the parent organization Catholic Social Services (CSS). CSS offers non-denominational support to a host of different causes, all of which fall under the profile of what Alta-Fab endeavours to support.

The Sign of Hope Society does work that changes the lives of Edmontonians living with AIDS, seniors experiencing abuse or neglect, persons with developmental disabilities, families in crisis, immigrants and refugees, and street youth.

By putting our support behind the CSS, we can support so many different causes that we believe in, all from one organization. We really believe in the work they do, and are proud to be a part of it.

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Youth Empowerment & Support Services. A shelter for youth (16-18) at risk. Helps with life skills, shelter, and safety.

The youth shelter works to prevent youth from having to live on the streets in times of crisis, gives them an opportunity to have a safe place to go to, and guards them from the vulnerability of living on the street.

At Alta-Fab we’ve had a relationship with the Shelter for over 10 years. We were able to help them with some of the finishing work and cabinetry when they were given their new facility in 2009. It was a great opportunity for our staff to do some work that would be really helpful for some people in the community.

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